How To Let Go Of Toxic Energy

Self-awareness is KEY if you want to make personal changes. First you have to acknowledge that toxic energy even exists around you. You must be able to recognize that first.

Once you do that, then you can start to make changes within your inner circle.

Now, lets take a look at some of the signs that show you actually have negative energy flowing through your body:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Sleepiness
  3. Nervousness
  4. Headaches
  5. Stomach aches
  6. Fatigue and exhaustion
  7. Heavy breathing
  8. Confusion and tension
  9. Sudden mood swings
  10. Anxiety or depression

If you’re experiencing any of these, then your body might be reacting to the toxic energy you surround yourself with. 

So how do you let go of it all?

  • Cleanse your home and environment – when your home is clean, you feel better. Plants anyone? Add some greenery to your place, some art for your walls, and make your house a home.
  • Meditate – Get yo manifest on girl. Ask, believe, receive. Focus on the things that you want, envision them, and watch the Universe work for you. We practice meditation on the daily!
  • Spend time in nature – You’ll be surprised how healing Mother Nature can be. Allow yourself to be alone. Listen to the sounds outside, and enjoy a nice walk or hike.
  • Laugh! – We are huge fans of comedies. Give yourself a date night – you, popcorn, and your favorite glass of wine. What we watch is a huge part of what we consume, so be mindful of what you’re consuming.


Smile more, laugh harder, and give yourself a little grace. You deserve some peace and serenity….

Sending our love to you,

Nkay & Tai



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