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Welcome to Melanin In The Morning!

We are two best friends who started a lifestyle podcast. Here’s what you need to know!

hey guuuurl, I’m Nkay…..

…a Singer and Fashion Blogger from Buffalo, NY. I’ve lived in many places and I love to travel around the globe and learn new languages. I absolutely love having a podcast with my best friend. We share our real life conversations, and love being able to voice our stories. When I’m not podcasting, you can find me creating music, blogging about edgy fashion, or laid out at the beach. Oh…I also picked up baking during quarantine LOL. Also, everything my hair changes with my moods and seasons! (I’ve done almost every color…)


And hey, I’m Tai….

….a freckled face some-timesy blogger, model/actress T shirt and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur from Buffalo NY. I love fashion! Through fashion I have learned that I could use my flaws to build my character. I am quietly introspective about my place in the world. I am nothing if I am not flawed. Building this podcast with my best friend has been so amazing. We share our truths with you and love being able to do it together. When I’m not podcasting I’m traveling around the world, creating the perfect outfit, finishing nursing school, painting, writing or anything else that fuels my creativity and grows my mind. I just love so many things so I’m always doing the most! heehee…


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