5 Ways To Prioritize Your Mental Health

5 ways to prioritize your mental health:


  1. Wake up with at least one specific intention for the day…it could be something like: “This morning I will call my mom and be focused on our conversation”. “I will spend one full hour with myself this afternoon doing something I love.” “I will show my support to three Black owned businesses before the day is done.” Giving back or doing something positive for someone tends to give us a sense of satisfaction and purpose.
  2. Stick to a morning routine that calms and grounds you. No matter what time we wake up, we should always start with having gratitude. Try spending a few minutes meditating or take a hot shower while speaking a few affirmations to yourself. 
  3. Drink a full glass of water and reach for healthy foods that won’t spike your blood sugar. Starting the day off with this mentality will help motivate us to make healthier choices that aids in keeping our stress levels down. When we eat better we feel better and when we feel better we eat better
  4. Keep reminding yourself that No is a full sentence, so don’t be afraid to use it! Say no to the things that aren’t in alignment with your intentions. It’s YOUR day after all and your days add up to YOUR life. We will be tested and people we love will ask us for things, but if it’s going to take more out of you than you can afford to give than please be kind to yourself and simply say NO. 
  5. End the day by jotting down five things you’re appreciative and grateful for that happened in your day. Positive thoughts will be swirling as you fall asleep and it sets the tone for the next day.  


Also, there will be days when we should listen to our bodies and just chill! Sometimes rest and relaxation is more important than a salad. Whatever we are feeling is valid and deserves to be listened to. So, give yourself the space and grace to be heard! No one knows us better than we know ourselves. Listen and treat YOU the way you would treat your most prized relationship. You deserve it and you deserve everything you dream.



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